Residential Home Inspections

All CPM Real Estate Inspections are performed by a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Florida. You will receive a type written narrative Summary Report detailing our findings. Areas of concern will be noted and cost estimates for significant repairs or replacements will be included in the report to help you evaluate the property.

The purpose of our Standard Home Inspection is to find any evidence of physical problems in the home. Some things are obvious in every home but we look for evidence of hidden problems. The kind that other home inspection companies might miss.

Our Standard Home Inspection Checklist contains over 200 items that should be thoroughly inspected in a typical home. Our Standard Home Inspectioncovers more than is what is required by ASHI, FABI or NABIE inspection standards. We look for broken or worn out equipment, improper construction materials, substandard workmanship, inadequate engineering design, water leaks, moisture and mold problems and structural damage from termites, wood rot or other wood boring insects.

As we go through our Home Inspection Checklist we encourage your presence and participation. This will not only help you in understanding our findings but give you the opportunity to ask questions. We want you to feel comfortable asking any question and to be completely satisfied with all of our answers.

The completion of the Home Inspection Checklist is only the start of our Standard Home Inspection. Any items that were noted to be deficient are then evaluated and thoroughly discussed with our clients. We explain what we find and what impact these items may have. We explain to our clients, the repair or replacement costs that may be involved.

Home Inspection Reports from many other home inspection companies are either short, hand written carbon pages or simple on-site computer printed checklists with little detail. You won’t get short changed with us!

Our professionally written narrative reports take time to prepare. After we verbally go over everything with you on the job site, we deliver your final type written report to you via fax or e-mail within 24 hours after our home inspection is complete. Our reports are complete with cost estimates, photos, recommendations and easy to understand explanations!

To see a sample of our professionally written Home Inspection Reports … CLICK HERE »