Property Condition Assessments of Commercial Buildings

We Save Our Clients Money … $$$$

Our objective is simple – We make a thorough evaluation of the property from an investor’s perspective and limit the costs of this initial inspection to an affordable fixed price.

All Commercial Building Inspections are performed by a licensed Professional Engineer. We have over 25 years of experience in Facilities Engineering and Management of Commercial and Industrial Property.

We focus on the overall condition of the property and look for items of concern that will likely affect the cost of operation of the building, restrict your intended use, or perhaps expose you to expensive upgrades to comply with the latest building codes if you make improvements to the property.

After this initial evaluation you will be able to make an informed decision of whether you want to continue your pursuit of the subject property or abandon the deal and move on to another alternative property.

Our Standard Commerical Building Inspection includes a complete and comprehensive visual inspection of the building’s construction from top to bottom and investigates the following:

  • Roof condition and life expectancy
  • Structural and exterior walls
  • Foundation and concrete slabs
  • ADA accessibility, Fire and Life Safety Code Compliance
  • Electrical panels and wiring
  • Plumbing fixtures and piping
  • Air conditioning equipment & ductwork
  • Elevators, stairs, entrances and exits
  • Existing tenant improvements
  • Walkways, parking & drives
  • Landscape, irrigation system, site grading & drainage

The Engineer will look for:

  • Inadequate engineering design
  • Non compliance with building codes
  • Poor workmanship and material selection
  • Unusual wear or improper maintenance
  • Aged or inadequate equipment
  • Environmental concerns such as mold, lead paint, asbestos and chemical spill contamination

You will receive a written narrative Summary Report, that will describe in detail, all of the significant concerns or defects that were noted during the inspection and include the estimated costs associated with any recommended or immediately necessary repairs and replacements.

We want our clients to know what risks and exposures are involved when they are investing in a commercial property.

The Bottom Line – This summary report will provide you with the professional opinions, facts and information you will need to make an informed decision about the subject property.

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We save our clients money … $$$$

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