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Termites…..are they eating their way through your home?

There are two basic types of termites, “drywood” and “subterranean” that can eat away at the value of your home.

The term “drywood” when used to describe termites, means that they prefer dry wood to live and nest in. They are known to swarm at certain times of the year and seek places to start new colonies.

Drywood termites live and nest in the wood while subterranean termites live and nest in colonies much like ants do underground.

Subterranean termite nests can contain many thousands of termites that leave the nest to forage for food (wood).

Drywood termites do not destroy a home any where near as quickly as subterranean termites can. It may take years for drywood termites to destroy a single board of wood; however, subterranean termites can destroy the structural integrity of an entire roof or wall in a home in a matter of months.

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