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Background information on Craig P. Milliken, PE
President of CPM Real Estate Inspections

I have been a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed by the State of Florida since 1981. Obtaining the PE designation requires a four year engineering degree, four years of internship under the guidance of other licensed Professional Engineers and passing eight hours of written examinations administered by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers. This is a tough designation to get and keep. I am required to maintain continuing education requirements and am subject to fines and disciplinary actions if I do not always follow a strict code of ethics and perform my services correctly and in a professional manner.

I bring these qualifications to every property that I inspect. I don’t send someone else out on the job. I personally inspect properties for those things that many years of engineering experience has trained me to do … help a client make an informed decision on an investment in real estate.

My objective on every inspection is to look for significant physical problems with the property that may affect our clients. This process can lead to anxiety by all parties involved in the transaction; however, I try to keep things in perspective by explaining the difference between minor issues and serious defects. I address every concern raised by my clients in my written reports. My reports are factual, clear and detailed and are supported by engineering principals, industry standards and my best judgment as a licensed Professional Engineer. Photos, notes and cost estimates are included in every report.

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CPM Real Estate Inspections is based in Boca Raton, Florida and is licensed and insured. If you would like additional information please call me at (561) 866 9956 or email me at craig@real-estate-inspections.com.

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Craig Milliken, PE
President, CPM Real Estate Inspections, Inc.