40 Year Building Safety Inspections – Broward County Only

The Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals have adopted a policy of requiring commercial buildings within their jurisdictions that are 40 years of age or older to have a safety inspection performed by a licensed Architect or Professional Engineer.

Owners of commercial buildings of this age receive letters from the Building Official notifying them that they are to have the inspection performed within 90 days. Following the inspection by a licensed Architect or Professional Engineer the owner has 180 days to make the repairs deemed necessary through the inspection procedure. After the repairs are made the inspector must re-inspect the building to certify that all work was professionally performed and that safety concerns no longer exist. The revised inspection report must be sealed by the licensed Architect or Professional Engineer and submitted to the Building Department. The Building Department reviews the report and charges the owner a fee (usually $ 300 – $ 350) to process the document.

The scope of the Forty Year Building Safety Inspection is focused on the current condition of the Structural Elements of the building and its Electrical System only. The inspector must follow minimum guidelines for the inspection as set forth by the Building Official having jurisdiction for the address of the property and state in the report that he is competent to practice in the areas that he is certifying.

CPM Real Estate Inspections provides Forty Year Building Safety Inspections and the documents necessary to satisfy the Building Official’s requirements.

If you are an owner of a building that is approaching the age of 40 years in Broward County it is prudent to contact us immediately to set an appointment. We can make a quick evaluation of the condition of the building before the letter arrives from the Building Official. Knowing in advance what kinds of problems might be encountered during the formal inspection can help you understand the scope of the work necessary to obtain re-certification.